Friday, June 24, 2011

My Loc Journey

What a jolt it was to see my own face staring back at me from my laptop!

Karen over at Naturally Beautiful Hair posted my essay, Bold Cuts, about my loc journey! I'm so grateful that she's allowed me to share my relationship with my hair with even more people. Thank you, Karen!

Naturally Beautiful Hair
is a lovely site dedicated to black women and our natural hairstyles. The interviews and testimonies are my favorites, while the photos always make me proud to be black and natural! Go check out Naturally Beautiful Hair and get inspired!

Shortly after I submitted my essay, I chopped my locs! This is me now!


  1. Thank you Sylva! It was wonderful to not only read your story, but to share it with others! ~ Karen

  2. Loved your essay. by the way this please prove you arent a robot thing is nearly impossible to pass! lol. Fe